Building on the success of the CrocoGolf pilot project developed since 2008 at the Golf National course, the Fondation LACOSTE expanded this program in 2012 and 2015 to two other courses in the north of France: Golf de Mormal and Golf de Lille Métropole. The objective is the same, that of giving young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods the opportunity to play golf regularly, and introducing them to jobs in the golfing world through dedicated workshops.

Thanks to the project, 24 children join the golfing school at Mormal and Lille Métropole each year. They have lessons every Wednesday and can play on the course throughout the week.

Actions on the Green

We owe the passion for this sport to René Lacoste’s wife, Simone. Thanks to our Foundation, 4000 young people each year have the opportunity to have fun and to improve on the greens.

Actions on the Court

In tribute to René Lacoste, the Foundation supports associations with a key focus on tennis. Each year, this allows more than 8,000 young people to discover and play tennis.


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