The Gol de Letra Foundation operates in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo with the aim of giving 1,300 underprivileged children from poor districts in these cities a cultural and sports education, better health and a balanced diet, self-confidence and professional and human skills to help them find their way in life.

After supporting the “Open Game” program since 2008, in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in particular, the Fondation LACOSTE launched a new program in 2014 to allow 160 youngsters to play tennis in the favelas of Rio and Sao Paulo. This new sport is combined with the cultural and recreational activities traditionally developed by Gol de Letra in partnership with families, residents’ organizations and local stakeholders working within education.


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Actions on the Court

In tribute to René Lacoste, the Foundation supports associations with a key focus on tennis. Each year, this allows more than 8,000 young people to discover and play tennis.


Actions on the Green

We owe the passion for this sport to René Lacoste’s wife, Simone. Thanks to our Foundation, 4000 young people each year have the opportunity to have fun and to improve on the greens.

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