Apprentis d’Auteuil is a French foundation working since 1866 for education, training and social reintegration of children and families in difficulty.

In 2008, the Fondation LACOSTE developed the Tennis-Ecole program in partnership with Apprentis d’Auteuil and the Robert Abdesselam Foundation. Each year, the program enables 400 young people aged 6 to 21 to play tennis on a regular basis. Both demanding and recreational, tennis allows them to discover a new world and develop their team spirit. It gives them the chance to develop and challenge their limits while learning respect for others, particularly on an academic level.
To measure how tennis impacts the young people’s lives, two project impact assessments were done in 2012 & 2015 with interesting results. 57% of surveyed educators said the project had improved the academic level of the young person they worked with.

The Fondation LACOSTE has funded this project since its launch in 2008.


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Actions on the Court

In tribute to René Lacoste, the Foundation supports associations with a key focus on tennis. Each year, this allows more than 8,000 young people to discover and play tennis.


Actions on the Green

We owe the passion for this sport to René Lacoste’s wife, Simone. Thanks to our Foundation, 4000 young people each year have the opportunity to have fun and to improve on the greens.

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