Academia dos Champs gives children from outer Lisbon, Porto and the south of the country the opportunity to prepare their future and build their way in life through tennis.

Thanks to this nonprofit organization, 200 youngsters attend tennis lessons all year, and take part in the courses and tournaments organized near their home. They also discover the many career opportunities that the tennis environment can offer. Since 2009, at its centers based in disadvantaged neighborhoods, the association helps children develop their personal skills through tennis (concentration, tenacity, self-control, team spirit, etc.).

The Fondation LACOSTE has supported this project since 2012.


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Actions on the Court

In tribute to René Lacoste, the Foundation supports associations with a key focus on tennis. Each year, this allows more than 8,000 young people to discover and play tennis.


Actions on the Green

We owe the passion for this sport to René Lacoste’s wife, Simone. Thanks to our Foundation, 4000 young people each year have the opportunity to have fun and to improve on the greens.

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