The Fondation LACOSTE

2006: creation of the Fondation LACOSTE

The Fondation LACOSTE, approved and administered by the Fondation de France, aims to help youth at risk find their way in life through golf and tennis.

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Over 60,000 young people have received support from the Fondation since 2006.

It develops its own programs and supports non-profit organizations, on 4 continents,  working with sports programs designed specifically for young players.

The Foundation supports projects dedicated to helping youth at risk develop better lives by discovering a different social-cultural environment through sports.

The Foundation supports a select number of organizations through multiyear partnerships, with a focus on partners located in key markets for the company and the brand.

12 000 young people are supported

by the Fondation LACOSTE in 2016

10 years of action

developing better lives for youth by discovering a different social-cultural environment through sports.

In 2016, the Foundation was active in nine countries: Brazil, Canada, United States, France, Israel, Morocco, Uganda, Portugal and Tunisia.

Since 2006, the Fondation LACOSTE has supported more than 40 partners in 22 countries: Afghanistan, Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Spain, France, Haiti, India, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico, Uganda, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, USA and Vietnam.

70 % of projects

supported outside France



The Fondation LACOSTE is chaired by Lacoste Beryl Hamilton, René Lacoste's granddaughter, under the auspices of the Fondation de France.


Representing the Lacoste family and President of the Fondation LACOSTE


The Executive Committee is composed of 9 members, including company representatives and qualified personalities.

Pierre-Hervé GAUTIER,

President of the Robert Abdesselam Foundation

Dominique BRARD,

Representing Lacoste SA

Pierre-André MAUS, 

Representing the Maus family


Representing the Lacoste family

Nathalie DECHY,

Former 11th-ranking world tennis player, in charge of young players at the Fédération Française de Tennis


Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Institut Pasteur