Become Partner

Become Partner

The Fondation LACOSTE develops its own programs and supports worldwide non-profit organizations working with sports programs designed specifically for young players

Eligibility criteria:

Be non-profit and of general interest

Share the values of sport: confidence, tenacity, rigor and sportsmanship

Practice regular golf or tennis teaching with high quality coaching


Helping youth at risk develop better lives by discovering a different social-cultural environment through sports


Focusing on countries where the company and the brand are present.




Have clear, achievable and long term goals allowing a sustainable change for young people


Have clear and transparent budgets

The Foundation does not support events; study, research or individual projects; projects run by organizations with an obvious political belonging; projects with excessive committed costs; or trips and travel.
In addition, the Foundation does not donate any LACOSTE products.

Applications made to the Fondation LACOSTE are examined twice a year by the Foundation’s Executive Committee. Applications for the Executive Committee in March should be submitted by December 31st.